Ideas for the next generation.

We are developing assistance systems for the next generation.

Ideas for the fast lane.

They are one of the megatrends of the automotive industry, and they have become indispensable in modern vehicles. They play a decisive role when it comes to autonomous and automated driving: driving assistance systems.

Thanks to digitalization and state-of-the-art sensor technology, we are developing assistance systems for the next generation. As a result, you bring significantly more safety to the road and maximum comfort and driving pleasure to the vehicle. – Until that time comes, we will guide you through every phase of development: from conception to implementation, from vehicle simulation to prototyping, through test phases and beyond.

These are the areas in which we shine:

  • Intelligent driving assistance systems
  • Links with innovative lighting systems
  • Use of sensors & highly sensitive camera modules
  • Automated & autonomous driving
  • Connectivity: networked driving & smart cars
  • Use of AI, Big Data & cloud computing
  • Greater range in electromobility
  • Night vision & emergency braking assistance
  • Wet mode, traffic jam assistance & city safety
  • Parking assistance, fatigue warning & other similar features
  • Many other assistance systems
  • Prototyping & product optimization
  • Background: Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

This is what our driver assistance systems represent:

  • Significant increase in driving & traffic safety
  • Ultimate driving comfort & fun
  • Lower fuel consumption & higher range
  • Important factor for climate-friendly mobility
  • Relief for drivers

Autonomous driving is a megatrend.

We are already working with our partners on innovative solutions for the autonomous mobility of the future. Numerous tools and disciplines interlock here, which must be optimally coordinated. This is one of our core competencies. We’re making sure autonomous driving gets on the road safely and sustainably.

That’s how we continue to impress customers and partners again and again.

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