We develop
your advantage.

We will inspire you with speed, agility & the highest standards

Efficiently developed.
Sustainably tested.

In close cooperation with our partners, we are developing the technology of tomorrow. We will impress you with our enormous technical expertise, lean development cycles, well-planned testing phases and great innovative strength. On request, we can also support you on site – for example, when it comes to the implementation of systems or workflows. With our customer-focused, flexible approach, high service standards and sustainable internal processes, you have a clear advantage right from the start.


Customised. Slim. Forward-looking.

We develop smart solutions for individual requirements.

With our team of experienced engineers and specialists, we develop pioneering solutions in electronics and software: from innovative lighting systems to complex operating and driving assistance systems.

What sets us apart: our agile and lean development cycles, which deliver tailor-made results even with short schedules and high complexity, while at the same time leaving enough room for innovative ideas to emerge. Another advantage that our internationally successful partners value about us: That in addition to cost efficiency and scalability, we always think about downstream industrial processes from the beginning.

Key areas of development:

  • Development of innovative lighting, operating and driving assistance systems
  • Engineering requirements: Analysis & requirements management
  • Electronics design
  • Software engineering
  • Quality management in all project phases
  • Internal test laboratory & in-house sample production

Reliably tested.
Sustainably optimized.

In use for maximum safety & quality.

Before project completion and finalization, we send every development to the test track. Both our on-site test laboratory and the test laboratories of our partners use high-quality measurement technology to carry out various testing phases, evaluate measurement data and create well-founded test reports. Individual adjustments and targeted optimizations are made as required on the basis of the results.

Of course, measures for a planned approval or certification are also possible. Whatever it is, from legally/internationally prescribed test phases to all relevant safety standards: As a partner of international companies and global players, it is an essential part of our professionalism to have a reliable view of all these factors.

Our testing expertise includes:

  • Customized testing strategies
  • Performing the legally prescribed tests
  • Verification & validation tests
  • Development of individual test benches
  • Certified testing facilities
  • Test drive: Tests under real conditions
  • Vehicle simulations
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulations (HIL simulations)
  • Software-in-the-loop simulations (SIL simulations)
  • Manual & automated test cases
  • System & Component Testing
  • Module & integration test

Moving successfully into the future with sustainability.

Sustainability as a competitive factor.

Sustainability is a central feature of our corporate culture. Both in terms of internal processes and the demands on our products. For years, we have been relying on digital and sustainably oriented processes, saving not only valuable material, but also a lot of time and energy.

Our partners are highly competitive global players who attach an ever-increasing importance to sustainability. We develop solutions for you, for example in the field of e-mobility, which are climate-friendly and better than the environment, but also economical. The fact that we keep an eye on the entire value chain and also pursue a comprehensive sustainability concept internally makes us a valuable partner in the long term.

The cornerstones of our sustainability concept are:

  • Development of sustainable and efficient solutions
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials
  • Lowest possible use of raw materials
  • Further development of electromobility
  • Living digitalization: from new work to home office