Our innovative and agile approach is customized for projects with a tight schedules and high complexity. With our interdisciplinary team, we find the right solution for every project in the fields of Lighting, HMI, ADAS and Connectivity. sdp is your partner from the initial concept, through the system integration up to the start of production. With a close connection to our validation and industrialization experts we work with our own interpretation of the V-Modell:

Requirements Engineering

Besides defining the necessary requirements of the project, we define the different tasks and milestones. Customer aims are our aims. In direct interaction with our lab. and fact. experts we are investigating challenges in validation and industrialization. Right at the beginning of the project.

Concept Development

In a variety of workshops our team create different ideas and solutions for the following phases. With effective sprints we implement ideas in first prototypes. Our in-house laboratory and sample production guarantee a rapid implementation.

Architecture & Design

Based on the concept and on customer requirements, we build the system-related architecture. Our module- and platform solutions ensure a fast implementation and the possibility of scaling the systems.

Development & Integration

Starting with the very first sketch, the complete system is always in our sights. During a variety of workshops, we secure the system integration and effective development. Our validation experts validate the solution at each stage of the project.

Integration Testing

Our Test Engineers validate communication with the environment at the same time as our integration team take care of the integration of the complete system.

System Testing

We are also a reliable partner for the validation of the complete system. With transparency and an effective process, we secure the success of the complete system. An additional benefit: with our customized infrastructure we are able to analyze all results in real time.

Client Validation

During the last phase of the project, our client checks the potential of the system. Even in this phase we implement optimizations and changes with speed and effectiveness.


Our validation experts think differently and understand the needs of different markets. With our agile approach, we secure validated systems within tight project schedules. Validation at sdp is based on risk management combined with our long year experience of legal-, industry- and customer requirements. With our in-house test capacities and our international partner network we are able to support clients all over the world with full validation. This consists of:

Component Testing

Based on the requirements defined, we specify test cases, analyze results and follow up on progresses. Starting on the very first day we deliver results with the right mixture of manual and automatic test cases.

Module & Integration

Testing The interaction of different system modules is the focus here. With smart test routines and customized infrastructure, we quickly obtain results and an effective process for system improvement.

Validation Testing

In order to conform legal-, industry and customer requirements we carry out all necessary validation tests. Our experts bring efficiency into the conception of test routines and operate under the most common standards, such as VW8000, LV124 etc.

Test Bench Development

sdp designs and operates test benches with all customer requirements. We are a reliable partner for the implementation of automated test routines, right up to the integration and operation of the complete test center.


Our fact. team implements the ideas as hardware. With our tailored infrastructure and partner network we launch competitive, fast and innovative solutions into the market. sdp is focused on small- and medium sized series for various kinds of products groups.

1. Sample Production

Speed is the watchword for our in-house sample production. With an effective sample warehouse and dedicated machine capacity, we are the right partner for your samples. With sdp you can pick your samples up in 36 hours.

2. Small- and medium sized series

Small- and medium sized Series are our core business. With our smart industrialization process and infrastructure, we are your flexible business partner for different production batches. We enable new technologies and transfer it into mass production.

3. High Volume Series Production

High volume projects have their own requirements. With our skilled production partners we fulfill all requirements of a successful mass production. With best practice industrialization concepts, and an effective design-to-cost process we launch reliable and competitive products into the market. All our partners are certified with the most common quality certificates (ISO, AITF etc.).


Our experts support our clients on-site during different project stages, helping in the management of daily challenges. With our high service standard and the flexibility of our staff we create real customer benefit on a daily basis. sdp can provide flexible contract forms from employer alignment, through subsection, to special service contracts. Our dedicated experts provide support in a variety of service areas:

1. Project Management

Our experts take over project responsibilities during different project stages. Based on our experiences we secure different milestones and targets. In addition, we provide an outstanding overview and implement effective tools for the improvement of the day-to-day collaboration.

2. Resident Engineering

Get an independent opinion from a third party. We analyze and present the progress reports, provide concept improvements and establish the scheduling and cost of different project.

3. Quality Management

Do you want to improve your quality or you need a specific certificate? We moderate FMEA-workshops or complete audits in accordance with standards such as VDA or ISO. Furthermore, we take care of open tasks and implementing techniques such as Six Sigma, APQP etc.

4. Task-Force-Management

We are the special forces for special situations. We flash new firmware releases, check material flows and improve existing production equipment.

5. Management Consulting

With our experts we generate an added value. We support in Business Development, Business Process Reengineering, creating Make-or Buy and Value-Stream Analyzes. In addition we take over responsibilities in Innovation- Change or Program Management.